Standing Committees of the LIUFF

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  The Standing Committees of the Long Island University  Faculty Federation are permanent, non-elected committees whose charges involve issues of ongoing importance to the membership or whose function is required for the smooth running of the Union.  The head of each committee is also an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.  All standing committees report to the Executive Committee at least once a year, or as needed when issues pertaining to the charge of a particular committee arise.
     Membership on committees is voluntary. 

OFFICERS 2012-2014

President: Edward Donahue (Chemisty & Biochemistry)
Vice-President: Ralph Engelman (Journalism)
Grievance Chair: Melissa Antinori (English) 
Treasurer: Maria McGarrity (English)
Secretary: Jessica Rosenberg (Social Work)

     In addition to the officers, delegates are elected bi-annually to assist in decision making and to supervise the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement. 

DELEGATES 2013-20015

Dennis Broe - (Media Arts)

Sara Campbell – English (Adjunct)
Margaret Cuonzo - Philosophy
Emily Drabinski - Library
Hildi Hendrickson –Sociology & Anthropology
Stacey Horstmann-Gatti - History
Susanna Jones – Social Work
Edward Keane (Library)
Dawn Kilts - Nursing
Rachel King - Library
Deborah Mutnick - English
Michael Pelias (Philosophy)
Klaudia Rivera – Teaching and Learning
Herb Sherman (Management) 

Vidhya Swaminathan - English

     In addition, people who chair LIUFF standing committees are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee who may attend meetings without voting priviledges.